Johns Creek Programs



Between volunteer groups of individuals, civic organizations, and businesses, over 30 miles of roads have been adopted in the City of Johns Creek. These adopter groups have made the pledge to clean up their adopted road and keep Johns Creek looking beautiful and litter free year round. For more information about Adopt-a-Road, and to adopt your own section of road in Johns Creek.

Bring One for the Chipper


Every January, KJCB provides an environmentally-friendly way for residents to recycle their Christmas trees. Utilizing local volunteers, thousands of trees are collected annually at The Home Depot on State Bridge Rd. Trees are chipped by Davey Tree Company and turned into available mulch for local residents and businesses for free. Local Boy Scout Troops use this event as a fund raising opportunity.

Bulky Items Recycling Day


This event provides local Johns Creek residents with the opportunity to recycle and reuse large bulky items that are not normally accepted by their waste hauler. Each year at this event, tens of thousands of pounds of bulky items are recycled, refurbished, or donated. Accepted items include: large appliances, electronics, home medical equipment, furniture, metal items such as grills and lawn furniture, bicycles, lawn mowers, and more. 

Household Hazardous Waste Events


Annually, KJCB provides residents of Johns Creek with an opportunity to dispose of dangerous household chemicals and heavy metals. For most of these items, there is no practical and environmentally sound way to dispose of or recycle these times. This event attracts hundreds of residents each year and tens of thousands of pounds of dangerous chemicals that are disposed of properly. Items collected include: mercury items, pool chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, acids, corrosives, gasoline, automotive fluids, oil and latex-based paint, aerosols, fire extinguishers, propane tanks, etc. 

For information on the safe management of Household Hazardous Waste, and reducing HHW in your home, visit the EPA's website.